Mar 052013
This Easter Lunch post was written for Tip Top.
Tip Top are my one of sponsors to the Digital Parents Conference 2013.


My challenge was to create some Easter inspired Sandwiches with Tip Top’s The One Wholemeal and Tip Top’s The One Omega 3! Both with Lower GI, high fibre, 7 vitamins and minerals. I get to make healthy sandwiches with their big slice size!

Easter Bunny Lunch
On the menu:
Easter Bunny Sandwich – Jam Sandwich with Cheese mouth and ears, Carrot whiskers, Candy eyes and a dried apricot mouth.
Capsicum, Carrot and Celery
Easter Trail Mix – Raisins, Nuts, Pretzels and mini Easter eggs

Easter Bunny Sandwich

Hatching Chick Lunch
On the menu:
Hatching Chick Sandwich with mini eggs – Peanut Butter sandwich with Cheese face and legs, Carrot beak, Candy Eyes and Icing ‘cracks’.
Bunny hard boiled Egg – in a chicken cup
Watermelon with Easter Food Picks
Trail Mix nest – Popcorn, Pretzel Sticks, Raisins, Nuts and mini Easter Eggs

Egg Hatching Sandwich

Egg Hatching How to

Little Chicken Lunch
On the menu:
Little Chicken Sandwich – Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Ham Feathers, Carrot feet and nose, Candy Eyes
Blueberries, Grapes, mini Easter Eggs
Veggie Smuggling Mini Muffin

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Egg and Bunny Lunch
On the menu:
Bunny Hatching Sandwich: Peanut Butter Sandwich with Cheese Egg – icing pens for decorations, Candy Eyes and icing pens for ears and nose
Bunny hard boiled egg with popcorn, pretzels and mini Easter eggs
Grapes and Watermelon and Pineapple on Bunny Picks

Bunny Hatching Sandwich

Easter Egg Lunch
On the menu:
Easter Egg Sandwich – Jam Sandwich with candy confetti
Bunny Pikelets
Pretzel Sticks in a Chicken Cup
Nuts, Raisins, Yoghurt Buttons and mini Easter Eggs in a Chicken Cup

Easter Egg Sandwich

I have been using Tip Top The One Omega 3 and The One Wholemeal for the two weeks and they were fresh, soft and perfect for the sandwiches I make for my children. It keeps well on the kitchen counter aswell as in the freezer. It is high in fibre, has added Vitamins and Minerals and a lower GI compares to regular white and wholemeal bread which are typically high GI. I was impressed with this unique combination of nutritional benefits all in one loaf, . It really does offer a unique combination of nutritional needs and it contains no artificial preservatives. These were things I never thought about when picking a loaf of bread off the shelf at the supermarket.

What do you look for when picking out bread in the supermarket or bakery?

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    You’ve done it again!
    How clever.
    That’s why you’re the one with the creative food blog …
    Love and hugs
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit


    Love it! Super cute!


    It’s all awesome, but the hatching chick is inspired!!! Well done!


    Wonderful meals! I love the hatching chick and bunny coming out of the cheese egg!


    I can’t believe they make an egg press!! How cute.


    Adorable lunches!


    Very cute, love the Easter egss! :)


    Oh wow! These are super cute. I can definitely see myself making some for my kidlets. Thanks!


    They really are very very cute.
    When I buy bread, my consideration is quality and cost. We go through almost a loaf a day here, so cheaper is better for us :)


    soooo cute! wonderful ideas here Yvette!


    Oh gorgeous as always. I love the chicken!


    Wow these are all so creative – I wish I was your kid 😉


    I was surprised to find high-fructose corn syrup in one loaf I tried, and FAKE SUGAR in another! I like when bread can just be bread! How much fiber and sugar per slice in these? That’s what I usually look for. A high fiber count and a high fiber-to-sugar ratio


    I must remember to do this the week before Easter – I love the blueberry creation :)


    You are amazing! These meals are fantastic :)


    Awesome! This is my favourite one!


    Wow, you are such a clever chickie (see what I did there ;)) love it xxx


    They are awfully cute lunches! I bet the children love them


    Fantastic. I’ve been watching these in my FB feed all week. The bunny is my favourite. So clever x


    Forget kids, I want this in MY lunchbox!!!

    This is too cute!

    You’ve done a fabulous job, and I can just imagine how thrilled any child would be to get this in their lunchbox!

    P.S. Found you through Blogs and PR. :)


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