Mar 072013

One of our favourite staples in this household is pasta. My little ones eat it hot or cold!! We try and mix it up a little, spaghetti, fettuccine, spirals, macaroni, glass noodles, flat noodles, lasagne sheets!! We are yet to venture into making our own.. although I do want to try it one day soon! Pasta salad is quick and simple – all bits and pieces from the fridge gets put into our pasta salads.

On the menu:
Pasta Salad: Noodles, BBQ Chicken, Ham & Cheese – cut out with mini cutters
Ritz Biscuits
Tic Toc Biscuits
Beetroot Dip

Pasta Salad for Kids

Do you like pasta as much as we do? Have you made your own? What do you put in your pasta salads?

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    I LOVE making pasta, but my little man is very fussy and only tries it after tanties. What an awesome box though! Visiting from TUST Blogs & PR


    Brilliant… thanks for the idea. My (nearly) 1 year old is obsessed with feeding herself and loves ham and cheese so this is a natural progression to try! How do you get the pasta to not stick together when it is cold though?? Monique @ Your Cheeky Monkey via #TUST xx


    Hayden will not eat pasta at ALL – so we eat less of it than I would’ve in the past. Mikala will have it with anything a bit like fried rice.


    This looks great – I might give it a go next week xx


    Yes my fam are huge fans of pasta – about the only thing they all agree on!


    My daughter would love this! We only eat pasta once a fortnight, we have a non pasta eater in the house! You really inspired me to make yummy, healthy and beautiful lunches. (preschool keeps commenting)


    I wish my daughter would eat cold pasta for school, I tried to keep it warm with tin foil one day and it didn’t work so she was like NO WAY! x

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